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7 Marketing Strategies to Help Fill Your Investment Property Vacancies

March 8, 2021 / by Hignell Property Management Team

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Property owners and renters are always on the lookout to make connections. The property owner is looking for a potential family to come and live in the home. If you are a property owner and wondering what the secret is to attracting quality people to your properties, then there are some marketing strategies that you can do to bolster the attraction to your investment property.

The need to attract new residents and the need to balance quality is something that must be done with care. But by following these strategies, you can find the ideal renter that fits the standards of who you want living in your property.

Take Quality Photos

The very first thing people are going to want to see are a lot of pictures of the property. They will want to see high quality photos of every room and closet space. The more visual exposure you provide the better chance you will have of a family calling you to look at the residence. If the property is located in a community with amenities, it would be a good idea to include pictures of those options as well.

Advertise Online

Online platforms are another great tool to use as a strategy of listing your property. An online approach allows you to streamline the process of getting people connected with yourself. Most people look online for the things and places that they want to look at long before they ever show up in person. By listing your property on quality sites, such as Zillow or Apartments.com, you are guaranteed to have someone call about the listing.

Write a Detailed Description

Be sure to write a descent description of the property and amenities. Potential residents want to know specific details about every room. They want to know the size of the bedrooms, what the kitchens have in it, what restaurants are nearby, shopping areas and the kinds of parks and green spaces that are nearby. Some families may be moving from far away and this description may be what brings them home to your property.

Have a Social Media Presence

Social media is powerful strategic tool that reaches millions with the click of a button. You can run ads on social media and other advertisements. You might want to think about setting up a property profile where they can come and view pictures and research other features. It also provides them a way of asking questions and interacting on a professional level.

Use Traditional Signage

Use signage and other advertising opportunities. Billboards are a great way to put your property in front of people. You may also think about the benefit of advertising in the many of the free real estate magazines that are scattered around the region for people to look at. And of course good signage in front of the rental property announcing upcoming vacancy is always a good idea.

Set Up a Property Website

Set up a property website that will provide a well-rounded description and picture of exactly what the property looks like and what is expected. The website can also leverage technology to save you time for document signing and in some cases contract signing. This is a good option to avoid losing things in the mail. And it provides out of state people the opportunity to secure a place easily and without the hassle of being onsite.

Advertise Yourself to the Public

As an investor you will want to make yourself stand out as a person that is worth doing business with. Provide details about yourself and what makes you unique from everyone else. Give people a reason to want to talk with you about rental property topics.

The rental property market can be a challenging business to be a part of. But with the correct strategy for marketing, quality renters will be calling you to explore the potential of renting your property.

If marketing your investment property feels overwhelming and something you just don't have time for, but you want to attract quality renters, then consider hiring a property management company to help!

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