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Preventative Maintenance List for Commercial Investment Properties

April 30, 2022 / by Hignell Property Management Team

One main thing owners of commercial investment properties must do is keep up with the ongoing maintenance tasks for the units and grounds. If this is your first foray into the world of commercial property ownership, this can be a bit daunting. To make it somewhat easier for new commercial property owners, below is a checklist of some of the most important preventative maintenance tasks property owners must manage.

Outdoor Maintenance Tasks

Address Structural Issues Immediately

Whether a careless driver careens into your apartment complex units and displaces occupants or the property suffers roof damage after a storm, do not delay. If it occurs at 3 a.m., as soon as you get notified, you must act.

The safety and well-being of your occupants is paramount. Structural deficiencies render properties uninhabitable, so move quickly to assess the situation and arrange for temporary lodging for displaced occupants until the repairs on the property are completed and it has passed an inspection.

Repaint and Refurbish Outer Property as Needed

Depending on your climate conditions and other factors, you might need to annually repaint the outside of your commercial investment property. Otherwise, every couple of years should suffice. Don't forget trim and shutters!

Also, make sure that the parking lot paint job clearly defines each unit's parking spots and guest and handicapped parking areas. This can go a long way toward avoiding resident conflicts over parking spaces.

Keep Up with Pest Control

It's far cheaper to spray for insects like roaches and bedbugs monthly than it is to fumigate an entire unit (or a four-plex). Rodent problems are also easier prevented than mitigated. 

Inspect the exterior of your properties regularly to note any gaps in the foundation, eaves, roof, or other entry points for rats and other rodents. Then, make sure these holes are filled and blocked.

Another tip is to locate the property's dumpster area as far away from the units as is feasible to reduce the likelihood of an infestation taking hold.

Weatherproof Your Property Regularly

Each spring and fall, clean out the gutters on the property to prevent mold, mildew, and damage to the wood, siding, or other building materials. To make it easier to remember, schedule this task around the semiannual time changes.

If the property is located adjacent to trees that create messes from leaves, growing seedlings, or pine needles, you may need to clean the gutters more frequently, e.g., once each season.

Prune Trees, Shrubs and Other Landscaping

Deadwood is an extreme fire hazard, so remove dead limbs from trees at least annually. You never want limbs to cause damage to your units in a storm or pose liabilities to occupants and their guests, so be proactive about this maintenance task.

Overgrown shrubbery can pose security hazards, so keep any ornamental landscaping well-manicured outside the units and communal areas of your commercial investment property.

Close Pools, Spas and Other Outdoor Amenities in Winter

Seasonal amenities like pools and spas need to be either drained or securely covered in the off seasons. If you elect to keep them open year-round, each fall make sure that you check the water circulation systems to ensure there are no breaches that could cause suction entrapment and endanger the lives of occupants or their guests.

Indoor Maintenance Tasks

Change the Units' Central Heat and Air Filters Seasonally

In most cases, four times a year should suffice unless pet hair or other environmental debris accumulates and requires more frequent changing. This will keep your HVAC system running optimally.

Replace Batteries on Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Twice a year should be sufficient for this task. This is another chore that is often synced with the twice-a-year time changes.

Repair Drywall, Patch Ceiling Cracks, Repaint Units

These three tasks can be done on an as-needed basis but should always be completed after a resident moves out and before another moves in. You may want to replace the carpet in the units before prospective occupants tour the property so everything looks fresh and new.

Check for Leaky Seals on Toilets 

This is typically done between occupants, although if problems arise with leaking bathrooms, address them immediately.

Property Management Companies Stay on Top of Repairs

If just reading this checklist gives you a headache, hire a reputable property management company to handle these commercial property maintenance tasks.

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