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What's the Best Way for a Property Owner to Collect Rent?

January 9, 2023 / by Hignell Property Management Team

As a property owner, one of your main responsibilities is to collect rent from your residents on a regular basis. There are a few different options for how to do this, and the best choice will depend on your specific circumstances and the preferences of your residents. Here are four common ways to collect rent:

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When Should a Rental Property Owner Raise the Rent?

December 9, 2022 / by Hignell Property Management Team

Rent increases are inevitable in both a resident’s and a property owner’s life. Rental prices are market-dependent – they ebb and flow in reaction and direction to economic conditions and trends. And while the recent rental market has been steadily driving rental prices upwards – across the board, a property owner still needs to understand that rents that exceed market conditions may be counterproductive as they will needlessly lose residents and cause costly turnover rates.  

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Holiday Home Security Tips for Rental Property Owners

November 21, 2022 / by Hignell Property Management Team

The holidays are wonderfully hectic. Most get caught up in decorating and celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, this time of the year is also the busy season for home burglars, who seize the moment when many people are distracted by their yet-completed to-do lists.

Increasing home security to help prevent break-ins during the holiday season should be part of your plan as a rental property owner. In fact, it's a great idea to share the following tips with residents who may not be aware of them.

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Rental Property Tips: How to Estimate Investment Property Expenses

August 17, 2022 / by Hignell Property Management Team

When owning an investment property, a must-do activity is to create a complete list of potential property expenses upfront, ongoing, and future. Preparing for all associated costs can help prepare the property owner for an emergency or unexpected expense. 

This article will cover some of the most common expenses involved with owning a rental property. These rental property tips will help prepare you for all expected costs and help you calculate precisely how much you may have to spend on your investment property.

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Can a Property Manager File an Eviction Notice?

April 25, 2022 / by Hignell Property Management Team

A renter’s eviction is a legal proceeding that a property owner must go through to legally remove a renter from a residential rental unit they are currently living in. The permissible reasons for eviction will vary based on the jurisdictional oversight and guidelines,  type of property, and pre-determined property requirements that have been outlined in the renter’s lease agreement.  

The following narrative offers a general overview of a property manager’s role regarding the eviction of renters in California.

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What Tax Deductions Can I Take as an Owner of a Rental Property?

March 15, 2021 / by Hignell Property Management Team

The art of being a property owner is knowing how to use the benefits to one’s advantage. Most property owners are in the rental property business for income and planning for their future. For all practical purposes, they run a business that they hope will return a reasonably substantial gain for them in the future. So, it stands to reason that they will want to make decisions that will save them money and make them money.  One of the best ways to save money and make money is by knowing how to handle rental income on tax returns.

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How to Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Renters

February 17, 2021 / by Hignell Property Management Team

There are a lot of things that you have to think through when you are a rental property owner. Many property owners think that the technical side is all they have to work through. But there are so many more details such as communication, building a good relationship with renters, and working things out as issues come up. If you're looking for ways to build a better relationship with your renters, here are some ways you can make it happen.

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The Property Owners Guide to Security Deposits

November 4, 2020 / by Hignell Property Management Team

Most people know that a security deposit is required to rent a house or apartment. However, many don’t understand exactly what this payment is intended for and the rules regarding its use and storage. Here is everything property owners need to know about security deposits.

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Rental Property's Value

September 9, 2020 / by Hignell Property Management Team

It's not always possible to foresee what will happen in the future of real estate,  so the best thing a property owner can do right now is keep their property looking fresh and well-maintained. When care has been put into a home, it shows; this is what will attract prospective residents to a rental. If you are looking to up your game in the market, a little work will go a long way. There are many things that can be done to improve a home without breaking the bank. Not only will the rental look more attractive to those on the hunt, but it will also maximize the return on investment by increasing the property’s value.

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Why It’s Important to Encourage Residents to Have Renter’s Insurance

May 6, 2020 / by Hignell Property Management Team

Renter’s insurance is an often-overlooked expense that can be vital to residents. Many renters, especially younger residents, may be unaware of what renter’s insurance is and how it can help them in an emergency. As a property owner, you should encourage your residents to have renter’s insurance by educating them on the subject so they know what it’s for and how it can help them. Here's a look at the benefits of renter’s insurance for both property owners and residents. 

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How to Handle Conflict with Your Residents

October 17, 2018 / by Brent Silberbauer

In the world of property management, it’s inevitable you’re going to have conflict. Many investors get into real estate and believe they are in the property business, but you’re not in the property business – you are in the people business – and having good people skills will be essential to your success. 

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You Hired a Property Manager - What's Next?

August 13, 2018 / by Brent Silberbauer

Working in the industry of property management, I get the opportunity to speak to a lot of owners. Hignell Property Management manages a wide variety of real estate, but often I find myself talking to single-family home owners who are renting out their homes for the first time. They call a little nervous, a little afraid, and have no clue what the process is to rent out their home. Here’s a little about what to expect when renting out your home for the first time. 

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Are Furnished Rental Properties a More Lucrative Strategy?

February 13, 2018 / by Brent Silberbauer

There are two types of renters in this world: those looking for fully furnished rental units, and those that are not.  The former are typically people like foreign exchange students, traveling nurses, traveling construction workers on a short term job, etc.  For these people it makes no sense for them to lug a couch, desk, table, and chairs all the way across the country, just to pack up and leave three to six months later.  The type of people looking for a fully furnished unit are probably only going to stay for a matter of months and then jump on a plane heading to their next destination.  They want to arrive with their suitcase and nothing else.  They don’t want to have to bother with putting PG&E in their name, waiting for the cable guy to show up, and they definitely don’t want to deal with unloading a moving van with a massive amount of furniture. 

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How Rental Property Managers Can Help You Plan Your Annual Budgets

January 24, 2018 / by Brent Silberbauer

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  We have all heard this catch phrase, but few of us are really taking planning seriously.  Whether it applies to our nutrition, retirement, or our investment property, planning takes time and brain power.  At our company we manage many large multifamily complexes and homeowner associations.  Around November of every year you can hear the groans from the managers as they dive into the numbers and reports to get the necessary info to put together the next year’s budgets for the properties.  Is the roof going to last another year? How much do we spend on landscaping? Can we negotiate a better rate with this vendor?  All these questions come up as I peer into the offices of the managers sharpening their pencils and getting their numbers right. 

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Property Manager Tips: Avoid Making Exceptions for Residents

January 10, 2018 / by Brent Silberbauer

Nobody wants to be the mean guy. As humans, most of us have an innate desire to please people and get on people’s good side. We want to be accepted and liked by those we interact with. It’s just human nature. So, what happens when you’re a residential property manager and a prospective resident asks you to make an exception when they don’t qualify financially for your unit? What happens when your resident shares a sad story of why they are late on their rent? Do you make an exception? Should you be the proverbial “nice guy or gal?” My simple answer, for the most part is…no. Do not make exceptions. Here’s why.

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Location: The Secret to Making Your Rental Property Work for You

October 18, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

You have probably heard that there are three rules to real estate: Location, Location, Location. The same is true with where you buy your Chico or Redding rental property real estate. When deciding how much to charge for rent or where you can buy a great rental property you need to first look at location. 

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Rental Property Management Tips: How to Nail the Turnover Process

October 13, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

Turning over a rental property is probably one of the trickiest parts of rental property management. You need to coordinate move-out dates, maintenance, marketing, cleaning, inspections, possibly remodeling and a whole host of other variables. No doubt this takes skill and finesse to nail down a fool proof strategy to turning over rentals. In this blog I’m going to talk to you about developing an excellent strategy that works for your Redding or Chico rental property. 

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The Real Cost of Deferred Maintenance for Rental Property Owners

September 29, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

In the late 1980s there was an amazing TV show called MacGyver. MacGyver was a secret agent that would solve all kinds of problems using random things he had around him. He would start car engines using a bubble gum wrapper and some duct tape. It was fantastic to see his creative solutions to save the day. 

Sometimes Redding & Chico rental property owners can be a bit like MacGyver. Instead of calling a plumber to fix a leaky pipe, they will instead use some duct tape and bubble gum to save the day. The problem is that when maintenance work needs to be done, you need to do it right and do it quickly. Many properties have what we call deferred maintenance which are maintenance issues that are left undone

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5 Tips to Evaluate a Fair Price for Multifamily Rental Property Units

September 13, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

In my small town of Chico, as well as all over California, the rental property market has been on fire.  Currently we have never seen such high rents with such low vacancies. As a matter of fact, I’d be willing to say in our 60-year history, it’s never been quite as good as it is now. Rents are up and vacancies are very low. At the moment, the vacancy rate over our 1,500 local units sits at .56%, and this is after we raised all our rents and built 56 brand new apartments. Pretty amazing!

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A Quick Action Plan for a Successful Lease Up of Your Rental Property

September 6, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

Most readers of our blog are holding anywhere from one to 20 rental units. However, there’s a growing movement of apartment developers who are building brand new luxury apartments with well over 20 units. For those of you out there who are planning on building brand new apartments there will come a time when you will need to lease them up. If you self-manage your properties, you should know there’s an art and science to doing a lease up well.

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The Key to Filling Your Chico or Redding Rental Property is Selling the Benefits

August 16, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

If you’re just popping into this blog you may have noticed that this is a series of blogs about how to sell your rental units to prospective residents. If you missed the first two, you can check them out by clicking below:

The #1 Question to Ask Yourself to Fill Your Chico or Redding Rental Property

Tips to Understand Your Customer and Fill Your Rental Property 

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How to Rent Your Chico or Redding Rental Property as Fast as Possible

April 5, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

As a real estate investor, you know that time is of the essence. Typically, most investors I know are highly leveraged. They have a mortgage to pay every single month, and the bank doesn’t accept any excuses as to why you’re late or a month behind. Renting out your Chico or Redding rental property fast is important, and it’s something not every investor thinks about with a new investment.

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Tips to Understand Your Customer and Fill Your Rental Property

March 29, 2017 / by Brent Silberbauer

In the previous blog post I talked about the importance of not just showing your properties, but selling your rental property to potential residents. I can’t underestimate how important this is. Any company that goes out of business, or loses money does so because they didn’t sell enough of their products or services in the quantities necessary. Selling is an important skill no matter what business you’re in and it’s something that we can all improve on. 

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